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13582113_10100521952731412_3406281905540958196_oYour author and provider of information is Chris Schanz, a thirty-something sports editor.

With sports as a lifelong passion, Chris was able to turn his passion into a career, relocating from Saginaw, Michigan, to Portland, Indiana, in July 2013.

Since then, Chris has been honored for his work, having become an award-winning journalist in 2015 and photographer in 2016.

A writer by trade, photographer by requirement, Chris has taken it upon himself to become the best he can be at both, always striving to improve.

In more than three years, Chris has shown a passion for the athletes and schools in which he covers. He considers himself grateful for the opportunity to share their stories and photographs of them on a daily basis.

In 2016, he made a lifestyle change to become more physically active, which included taking up the sport of running, albeit slowly. With a couple hundred miles under his belt in six months, he’s traded the comfort of a couch for the high of running, and has his sights set on completing a half marathon in May 2017.


Chris enjoys the blackest coffee, the coldest nights and the thickest beard. He is a fan of getting immersed in music, a good IPA and hats — ballcaps and trilbies. Oh, and sleep.

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