What I learned today: 7/16/2013

[Author’s note: They say we learn something new every day, right? Well, this is where I will discuss the things I’ve learned in my new life and career experiences. Enjoy.]

I’m not one to say I am well-traveled. Coolest places I’ve been, in order: Dubai, New York City and Dallas.

I’ve driven in all sorts of situations in all types of cities. Detroit, Houston, Newark, N.J., the plains of Ohio and Indiana, the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina and almost everything in between.

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Saddle Brook 2013: I came, I saw, I conquered

(This is the final post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

First off, I apologize for not blogging as much as I would have liked to. I was working too much and seemingly didn’t have enough time to sleep, let alone write. Therefore, I write this from the airplane on my way back home. (Postscript: this was written from the airplane, but I am just now posting it.)

To explain the Saddle Brook opening in one sentence is pretty simple: Thank goodness it’s over.

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Saddle Brook 2013: The Big Apple

(This is the fourth post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

New York, New York. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. Whatever you may call it, I call it by one word: awesome.

The training team went to New York both days we had off from training. Out of the 13 of us, maybe 3 had been there before, so for the majority of us it was our first foray with the biggest city in the United States.

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Saddle Brook 2013: Found Nemo

(This is the third post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

We didn’t need to find Nemo. Nemo came to us.

Winter Storm Nemo is hitting the area pretty hard, for those who have been paying attention to what is happening with national weather. We currently only have about 3-5″ but it has been coming down heavier over the last five hours or so. It was a rain/sleet mix this afternoon and the roads weren’t too bad. Now, however, the roads are covered in snow and the temperature is dipping pretty low.

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Saddle Brook 2013: Hurt or injured?

(This is the second post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

My high school football coach used to ask us whenever we were overcome by pain, whether it during practice or in a game, “Are you hurt, or are you injured?”

The difference was, if you were hurt you could continue to play or practice. If you were injured, you could no longer participate in practice or the game.

Well, less than 24 hours into my trip, I’m hurt.

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Saddle Brook 2013: Back to the shore

(This is the first post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

Welcome back to my blog!

As the title and intro above suggest, I’m back on the road again for Bennigan’s, this time to Saddle Brook, NJ to open the first location in the area since the company went bankrupt.

And, unlike the previous four openings I’ve been on, this is not the first time I’ve been in the area. My father’s family is from New Jersey and surrounding areas, so I have been here in the past to visit them.

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Dubai 2012: Never easy

(This is the 15th post in a series detailing my work trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.)

It is always the hardest part. I am never good at saying goodbye to people. Even those I know I will see again soon. But saying goodbye to people with whom I am almost positive I will never see again is very difficult.

Even more so when said group of people has changed the way you look at life and affected your own life in a big way in such a short period of time. These people I had the pleasure of training in Dubai were a group of people I don’t soon wish to forget.

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