Indy 500 — My time with the Snakes

INDIANAPOLIS — Fifteen minutes is enough to last a lifetime.

For 15 minutes on Saturday, I found myself in the Snake Pit during the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

It was my first time in the Pit, and it will most certainly be my last.

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Column: Line Drives — NFL playoffs don’t need fixing

[This is my column in The Commercial Review from Thursday.]

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

That’s how I feel about the NFL Playoffs.

Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks otherwise.

In 2006, Goodell was elected as head of the most popular league in America, and since then he has made his mark on changing the game.

He introduced the new NFL Personal Conduct Policy in 2007, where players could be suspended for their actions off the field.

And there are the fines his office likes to give out for conduct on the field. No one has been fined more since the league cracked down on behavior on the field than Detroit Lions’ defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

But that debate will be reserved for a later date.

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What I learned today: 7/10/2013

[Author’s note: They say we learn something new every day, right? Well, this is where I will discuss the things I’ve learned in my new life and career experiences. Enjoy.]

Lot of firsts this week, and it all centers around my first county fair.

The Jay County Fair kicked off Monday, and this the first county fair I have been to that I can remember (my mother told me last night that I had been to one before. I just don’t remember it).

But for all intents and purposes, this is my first fair.

And the first one I’ve had to cover for a paper.

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This I Believe: Music

I have borrowed audio recorders and microphone from the CMU Department of Journalism on a few occasions in order to work on projects for classes. Each time I receive a recorder, I check to see if there are any recordings left on it from whomever borrowed it before me. And, if I’m lucky to receive a recorder with some gifts left for me, I listen to them just for the hell of it.

Today, there were a few interviews of members of the CMU Marching Band, and then there was a recording of a guy speaking about music. I listened to it a couple times, then it kind of hit me, that to an extent, I can relate to what the male voice had to say.

And, since I know people who value the significance of music in their lives as much as I do mine and because I have friends who have played music and make music themselves, I felt this piece was something they could relate to as well.

This is for anyone who has been criticized for an instrument they play, for anyone who appreciates the art and power of music, for anyone who understands music can change lives, and for anyone who doesn’t give a shit what other people think of them for what they do.

Have a read, tell me what you think.

This I Believe: Music

I believe music is beautiful, elegant, soft, peacful. The small sounds are often missed and the true beauty behind the music is lost. The violin for example: able to create a variety of tones – those which create bass and those which can light up a room.

I began to play in earlier years, playing what I considered to be masterpieces. The sounds filled me as if I was taking a deep breath of fresh air. It was exhilirating. Then, over the years I would constantly be called “gay” and made fun of for playing such music. The violin was thought to be feminine, so i put it away for many years to sit and gather dust.

As I grew, so did my understanding. I did not need to be liked by everyone, I only needed to do what makes me happy. So I picked my violin back up and played away, filling the room with my sounds. Soon after, others began to understand and enjoyed my music. They no longer associated the violin with feminism, only a means to create music. Music which can bellow deep within a man and bring out his hidden emotions.

My hopes soared. I played whenever I could, trying to give the same joy to the rest of the world. Soon I began playing covers for more popular music, taking Rock and turning it into something beautiful.

Music is often abused by artists to fill the world with immoral standards. They will corrupt an innocent mind and make it beleive that there is only one way to live.

Music has the power that no man could ever dream of. I like to think of music of having the power to change the world for the better. It can take a man with only hours left to live and make him feel as if he is nineteen again. It can motivate a man to achieve greatness when it seems as though all hope is lost. It can take the most stubborn man and bring tears to his eyes. Music has the power to do extraordinary things.

If people would just stop for a minute — and listen — they would hear. They would hear the beauty still left in the world. They would hear all the small things; lives would be altered with just one song. I believe music puts faith back in the hearts of the faithless.

The man speaking does not give any indication of who he is or where the piece came from; whether the “This I Believe” piece is his original words or the work of someone else.

Regardless of its source, I’m glad I stumbled upon it and was able to share it with you all.