Dublin, day three — The best pint

When Chrissy and I started planning this trip, there were five main things I wanted to do.

  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Guinness Brewery
  • Jameson Distillery
  • Irish Runner
  • Sporting event

One down, four to go.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed everything we’ve done thus far — it’s all been an added bonus and I’ve loved every minute of being over here — I just had a few things I really needed to experience.

While everything we’ve eaten since we left home on Friday evening hasn’t fit within our respective diets, Chrissy and I didn’t want to not experience certain foods while here simply because we want to eat better.

But at the same time we didn’t necessarily want to feel guilty for all the bad food we’d be eating.

Tuesday night we ate too much damn food and we felt a little bad about ourselves. So this morning we began our day with a run at Father Collins Park, just east of the apartment.

My last run was more than a week ago, so I wasn’t expecting much. I just needed to get a run in.

Lauri and Chrissy did their own pace — Chrissy is still coming back from her ACL surgery — and I did my own thing. In all I was pleased with the run, given the circumstances.

Afterward, we strolled through the park in search of more swans. We found a couple with five cygnets. This family was a lot less receptive to our presence than the ones we encountered a day earlier.

The copious amount of ducks, however, seemed to be hunting us. No matter where we were in the park (near the water) they came flicking to us looking for food. On one occasion, as we were apparently getting too close to one family of ducks, one of the swans waddled over to us apparently protecting the mother duck and her ducklings.

So we left. Quickly.

After showering and a quick breakfast, Chrissy, Lauri and I hopped on a bus to head into town, where we purchased our two-day Dublin Pass from the Discover Ireland Centre in City Centre. The pass grants us free admission to more than 30 attractions throughout the city, including a 24-hour hop on, hop off bus tour which we will take full advantage of on Thursday.

By then John was on lunch, so we met him at Boojum, which is essentially Chipotle/Qdoba.

Next, Lauri guided us to the Guinness Storehouse and waited in a nearby cookie bakery / cafe (a story for another time).

At Guinness we went on a self-guided tour of the brewery. Chrissy isn’t much of a beer drinker, but I did get her to try a sip (she didn’t like it).

Atop the brewery is the Gravity Bar, which features a pretty cool 360° view of Dublin.

While up there I got my free, and the best, pint of Guinness. As expected though, the bar was packed so we weren’t able to get very good shots of the scenery.

As we were walking through town we came across some churches and cathedrals which we will explore more Thursday. But we did get a picture across the street of one, St. Audeon’s Catholic Church.

In all, I walked more than 27,000 steps today, and I’m sure to get more as we’re going to do a lot more sightseeing in Dublin on Thursday.

That said, it’s nearing 11:30 p.m. here (6:30 p.m. EDT) and we’ve got to be up early so that will be all for today’s blog.

See ya tomorrow as I check more off of my to-do list!


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