New Me Journey — Another milestone

I’m really not even sure how to start this.

There’s so many emotions going through my head right now.

It’s been eight months.

For eight long months, I’ve pushed myself to become a better person.

For eight long months, I’ve changed my eating habits.

For eight long months, I’ve challenged myself physically.

And for eight long months, I’ve been challenged mentally.

Eight months after I truly began this New Me Journey, I’ve passed many milestones along the way.

One pound. Five pounds. Ten pounds. One smaller pant size. Twenty five pounds. One shirt size smaller. Forty pounds. Fifty pounds.

Today, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016, eight months after I began this journey, I’ve hit another milestone.


Photo Aug 31, 10 19 42 PM

Left: June 28, Right: Aug. 11

On Jan. 1, I stepped on the scale weighing 282.4 pounds. A few moments ago, I weighed in at 222.4 pounds, hitting the 60-pound milestone of total weight lost on the dot.

It took a minute for it to sink in.

First, I compared it to my previous lowest weight of 223.4. I had lost a pound … no big deal. Then I went back to see my starting weight … then it hit me.

Sixty pounds!

I’ve lost 21.2 percent of my body weight.

I’ve gone from a size XXL shirt, to having some XL shirts become too big.

I’ve gone from somewhere between a 40- and 42-inch waist (depending on the pants) to a 36-inch waist.

I’ve gone from someone who hated to run, someone who hated going to the gym, someone who got winded easily playing basketball and softball and someone who hated looking in the mirror and being in front of a camera …

… to someone who is training for a half marathon, someone who feels guilty not going to the gym, someone who can run around a basketball court with ease and around the bases at a much swifter pace, someone who can’t stop looking at the mirror at how the body has changed and someone who doesn’t dread when another person snaps a photo.

Most importantly, I’ve gone from someone who hated the way he looked to someone who is glaring with confidence and energy, and someone who is excited to buy a new wardrobe of smaller clothes rather than bigger clothes.

The last eight months have definitely been full of ups and downs, days I didn’t want to work out but did, days I didn’t work out at all, days (and weeks) it seemed no matter what I did at the gym my weight never changed, or it went in the wrong direction.

Some days, some weeks, were more stressful than others, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: TRUST THE PROCESS.

Doing what I’ve done, and continuing along this path, isn’t an overnight fix. It’s not temporary. It’s not a fad. It’s not changing with the seasons. It’s a complete lifestyle change.

It is who I am. A more active, a more confident, an all-around happier person.

And nothing is going to stop me.

282.4 to 222.4.

Sixty pounds.

Here’s to at least 22.4 more.


5 thoughts on “New Me Journey — Another milestone

    • Not going to lie, I don’t do anything special, nor do I follow a strict diet. I just cut down on the junk that I eat.

      I don’t eat much in the way of red meat anymore, mostly get my protein from chicken and the occasional canned tuna. I log mostly everything I eat, down to the ounce, and just try to burn more calories than I take in.

      Sure, I have chocolate and other sweets occasionally, I just limit how much (and how frequent).

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