Stuck at The CR: The eighth hour

I posted to my Facebook page about five hours ago the status of how my day was going.

As my coworkers and I frantically put out a newspaper this morning, floodwaters around our building got higher.

We’re stuck in the office.

I’ve been here since 7 a.m., and there’s no real say as to how long I will be here. My vehicle is on dry ground but roughly 80 yards to the southeast of our building. If and when I get to my car, there is no saying what I can do from there. The streets around my (second floor) apartment are flooded, and even if I can get there I am not 100 percent certain I can go in. (The reason why is explained in the above link to my FB post.)

It’s been a quite terrifying day today in Portland. It will most likely get worse.

As Portland mayor Randy Geesaman told me this morning, “right now this is a state of emergency.”

We have plenty of water and some snack food in the office, so we have sustenance. Will update later if rations become scarce.




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