Column: Line Drives — Weather not fit for the season

[This is my column in the April 24 issue of The Commercial Review.]

Wool socks, long sleeve t-shirt, gloves, jacket and a beanie.

Those items seem more fit to attend a sectional football game in late October or early November.

But that’s what one local sports editor — me — wore while covering a golf match Thursday.

It’s also what I should have worn at a baseball game Wednesday in Berne.

And it may be the new wardrobe for those attending prom this weekend.

Sure, the warm spell last week and at the beginning of the month was nice. It was a sneak peek of what we can expect this summer.

It was wonderful weather for a baseball game and a softball doubleheader on Friday and Saturday, and on April Fool’s Day, a round of golf.

But now, in late April, the weather is just laughable.

And borderline unbearable.

Trying to golf when wind gusts are pushing 30 mph is no walk in the park.

(However, Jay County High School sophomore Jay Houck made it look easy Thursday as he shot a 4-over 39 at Portland Golf Club in a match with the Bluffton Tigers.)

Trying to field a pop fly — as all local baseball and softball teams attempted this week — during high winds is difficult as well. Making contact with a pitch with hands so cold it’s tough to grab the bat can send stinging pain shooting through the body.

Track athletes have to pace themselves even more as they run either with or against the wind, and a gust of air can make a cross-court shot in tennis sail wide.

It’s been an interesting start to the spring sports season thus far, and I’m not talking about the outcomes of the games, meets and matches.

When they can be played, at least.

Almost every area sports team has had to compete this season in weather that is less than ideal.

The Jay County softball and baseball teams have had games rained out. They’ve played games with stellar weather too.

The Fort Recovery and South Adams baseball teams played in cold weather Monday, complete with rain and gusty winds.

The Patriot track teams had foggy, drizzly, cold and windy conditions during a meet at Southern Wells, with the elements leading to the injury of Malarie Houck.

Monday, Jay County’s girls tennis team played roughly 10 minutes of its match against Winchester before it was halted because of rain and high winds. Its match Wednesday against Leo was also postponed because of inclement weather.

Of course the weather has been terrible for the athletes. No one wants to risk injury when wind and rain creates unsafe circumstances.

Unfortunately, that’s what comes with the territory of spring sports.

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.”

April showers also create headaches for coaches, players and members of athletic departments having to postpone and reschedule contests.

Those showers — which I actually enjoy when it’s warm — also wreak havoc for my sports section. When games or matches I counted on covering get postponed, I’m left scrambling to get somewhere else.

That’s what happened Monday. I planned on covering Jay County tennis against Winchester but Mother Nature had other ideas. So rather than just go home and call it a night, I went to Fort Recovery for the baseball game against South Adams.

Warmer weather will return soon. Until then, we’ve got to deal with these frigid temperatures that aren’t fit for the season.

I’m ready to put my winter clothes away.


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