New Me Journey — Week one, day two

I’m exhausted.

I’m a little sore from Monday’s workout, but as I mentioned in that post, the hurt after a good workout is a great feeling.

My legs were a little more sore than I anticipated and there were muscles on the inside of my legs I didn’t know were able to hurt (no, not the groin area).

Also, worth noting, under no circumstances am I complaining about being sore, I’m merely just trying to document how each day goes.

Today was very cardio intense, which I thought would be a challenge to my asthma. Surprisingly, however, I managed to do just fine. The only thing that stopped me on occasion were a few muscles/tendons in my ankles that were acting up.

(Back story: I’ve had pretty serious injuries to both ankles in the past — my right as recently as 10 months ago — that I probably should have gotten medical attention for, but never did. So I’ve been fighting through the occasional pain when I participate in physical activity. One of said ankles was acting up tonight.)

Today was supposed to be a two-part exercise, in that I do the cardio and then an ab workout, but I was so exhausted that I wasn’t able to get to the ab portion of it today. That just gives me something to work for in the future — being able to get through both workouts.

In all reality, I’m not surprised I wasn’t able to get through both workouts. Given my starting “athletic” ability, I don’t have the endurance to do it all just yet. But like I mentioned, being able to do multiple workouts in a day is just a small goal on the way to the bigger goal.

Two down, 88 to go.

Until next time …


Current weight: -2.4 pounds
UFC Fit workouts completed: 2

(note: I weighed myself Monday evening before my workout session and again this morning, which is the reason for the nearly loss of nearly 2.5 pounds from the last weigh-in. I plan on weighing myself first thing in the morning every day to get a more accurate reading. That said, I am aware my weight will fluctuate from from one day to the next, some days losing more than others, and a possible gain on other days. I just want to have an idea of what my progress looks like on a day-to-day basis.)


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