New Me Journey — Week one, day one

Nothing in life comes easy, right?

After a few weeks (longer than expected) of deliberation, I have finally determined the fundamentals for my New Me Journey.

I had read a few blogs, one especially from a former college classmate of mine (Brian Manzullo) and the process with which he has been able to become more “in shape,” I have decided to use UFC Fit as my training program.

UFC Fit was designed by Mike Docle, a world-renowned, award-winning trainer of UFC fighters. He has also designed a dieting program that he has used for his training program.

The UFC Fit training program is a 90-day program, focusing on basic skills and techniques used by UFC fighters. I just finished day one, and let’s just say there is a lot of room for improvement.

Minutes after completing the “Power Punch” workout, my arms, legs and abdomen are definitely sore. But it’s a good sore. I love the soreness that comes from a good workout.

But like the first line of this post suggest, nothing worth working for comes easy, right?

In the last couple weeks I have made a more conscientious effort and what I am eating — straying away from foods that were normally my go-to when I was in a pinch. I’m actually spending more time preparing meals rather than just heating something up in the microwave or going to grab Subway or something easy.

I’ve found myself skipping entire aisles in the grocery store in favor of spending more time in the produce section. I’ve increased my fruit and vegetable intake nearly tenfold in the last week or so, forgoing junk food for the healthy stuff.

These simple changes in the food, coupled with the workouts, I genuinely feel will help me get to my goal, which is roughly 60 pounds lighter than what I am now.

As I said in my previous post, this won’t be an easy journey to get where I want to be.

It will be physically and emotionally draining. I’ll want to quit. I’ll want to stray away from my goal and return to old bad habits.

But it’s this blog that will help keep myself accountable. And you can too.

Thanks for following along.

Until next time…


Current weight: 0
UFC Fit workouts completed: 1

(remember, at this current moment, I don’t wish to disclose actual weight values. I have written down my starting weight — which will be disclosed eventually, just not now — with a goal of -60.)


2 thoughts on “New Me Journey — Week one, day one

  1. Well done… Diets are always hard to stick to at the beginning… you sound as though you are getting it all under control though… good luck… I’ve only just started mine… I have a ‘shed load’ to lose …

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