New Me Journey — An Introduction

At this time three years ago, I was in the process of losing what would amount to be 25 pounds.

I felt healthy. I looked healthy. People were noticing the change.

It was a great feeling.

I was proud of the loss and the person I had become to get to that point.

Unfortunately, I have since put that weight back on.

And then some.

While at the doctor’s office last week, it was brought to my attention that I have early stages of high blood pressure. I mean that in the fact that it was high then (although the doc didn’t mention it). I have been keeping tabs on it since and it still remains to be on the high side. Not quite alarming, just yet, but something I will keep monitoring — especially because I have a family history of hypertension.

Coupling that with seeing a value on the scale I never thought I’d see (again), it was exactly the motivation I need to get my health back on track.

Eat better, shed some pounds and keep this blood pressure in check.

So that’s where this comes in.


I’m going to (attempt to) write weekly about the progress of my health and fitness. I don’t have much in the way of fitness equipment (a minimal amount of free weights, some resistance bands, an exercise ball and a bicycle), so the latter may be a little tricky.
However, I am going to make a more conscious effort at eating healthier — cutting out sodium and sugars — and becoming more active.

These updates will help track my progress and, most importantly, keep myself accountable. You can also help keep me accountable as well.


Obviously, I want to weigh less than I do now. For sake of keeping figures disclosed (for now), I’ll just set my goal at -60.

That is 60 pounds less than I weigh now.

While I know it won’t be attainable by then, I would like to see considerable progress toward my goal in time for a wedding I’m attending June 13.

That gives me slightly more than three months to see some results.

My plan

I haven’t quite figured out what I will do yet in terms of any form of dieting and exercise. Putting this in writing is just step one. (I’ll post my regimen as soon as I get it figured out.)

I will spend the next few days reading and doing some research as to what could work best for me given my sporadic work schedule. With how busy I get and road trips for work, I’ve been forced in the past to eat junk food or things that can be made easy for someone who hardly has time to cook.

This is where preparing meals would come into play, and I’ll have to spend some time on Sunday nights (my least busiest day of the week) planning out what to eat for the upcoming week. Then, most importantly, I have to follow through with said plans.

Sticking to it

I don’t expect this to be easy. Nor do I expect to reach my goal in a timely manner.
It will be a slow process.
It will be frustrating. There will be cravings.
This very well may be taxing on my mental strength, too.
But I’m ready.
I’m going to stick to it.
My body needs this change.
My future needs this change.
I need this change. 

Join me on this journey. This “New Me Journey.”

Until next time…


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