Adventures in Photography: Part I

As a youngster, I didn’t care much about photography, and never took the time to learn about the art of photography and developing photos.

My extent as a photographer included buying disposable cameras and then taking them into a one-hour photo joint to get them developed.

I made the “jump” to digital photography early on in high school with a point-and-shoot camera, but didn’t necessarily put much emphasis on actually composing shots and making an art out of it.

But when I got my first DSLR — a Canon Rebel XS — in college, I began to learn the art of digital photography by focusing on lighting, shutter speed and aperture. The latter of which, however, was the most difficult for me to learn.

For a few months now, my cousin Mike had been trying to give me his 35mm film camera. He doesn’t use it anymore, and because of my newfound love for photography he felt it would be a good fit for me.

Well on Christmas Eve, we were able to finally make the transaction. I received a Minolta SRT 101 body, a 50mm lens and a telephoto lens, as well as a wide-angle and telephoto adapters for the 50mm lens.

Then, on Christmas Day my father gave me his two (!) SRT 101 bodies, an additional 50 mm lens and a 135mm lens, along with a few other accessories.

(At the bottom are pictures of the entire lot I scored from the both of them.)

Let me tell ya, I’m pumped.

That said, as I return to the roots of photography, I get to learn an entirely new craft. Doing so will give me a new appreciation for the new technology and the industry as a whole.

Additionally, I want to learn how to develop photos on my own, to further delve into the realm of film photography.

With these new adventures, both in figuring out how to use film cameras and what it takes to develop said film, I will encounter a lot of trials and tribulations along the way. And, with my writing nature, I felt there would be no better way to document those ups and downs than with this blog and my “Adventures in Photography” blog series.

I hope you enjoy following along my adventures. Here’s to hoping I will have some photos to share soon!








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