What I learned today: 8/7/2013

[Author’s note: They say we learn something new every day, right? Well, this is where I will discuss the things I’ve learned in my new life and career experiences. Enjoy.]

It’s interesting when you realize how your priorities change.

For me, it happened yesterday.

One thing I’ve started doing as my journalism career began at The Commercial Review is making sure no matter where I go I have my camera with me.

Grocery store, softball practice or other errands around town, I make sure my camera is easily accessible. It is usually found packed (mostly not-so-carefully) in its bag in the trunk of my car.

That way, if I am ever around town (not working) and something newsworthy happens I will be there with my camera able to take photos for that day’s (or the following day’s) paper.

And this is when I realized my priorities have changed.

Every time I leave to go somewhere there are generally three to four items I make sure I have before I depart: cell phone, keys, wallet (and depending on the season, Chapstick).

Yesterday when I was getting ready to leave work (with errands to run in the evening) I did the rundown of the items on my internal checklist. Cell phone, check. Keys, check. Camera, check.

I forgot something.

Making sure I have my camera has become more important than making sure I have my wallet.

What I learned today:
Making money to me is more important than spending money, because I care more about my camera than I do my wallet.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment of ‘What I learned today.’


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