What I learned today: 7/2/2013

[Author’s note: In an effort to reboot my blog and get writing again, I have started a daily content piece titled ‘What I learned today’. They say we learn something new every day, right? Well this is where I will discuss the things I’ve learned in my new life and career experiences. Enjoy.]

I continue to meet people on the daily, which is a good thing. I’m meeting people I will be working with very extensively for the duration of my career at The Commercial Review.

Today I had the opportunity to meet some of the staff at Jay County High School (home of the Patriots), the main school we cover at the CR. I met the principal, assistant principal, athletic director, the AD’s secretary, the girl’s basketball coach and most of the coaching staff for men’s basketball.

Despite being a school of only 1,200 students (Heritage High School in Saginaw had roughly 1,600 students when I graduated in 2004), the gymnasium capacity dwarfs that of Heritage. Ray told me the capacity of their arena is about 4,500 people when packed. I’m not even sure the gym at Heritage can hold 4,500 people even if you pack them in like sardines.

Ray and I spent a considerable amount of time speaking with Phil Ford, the principal. We got to talking about national sports and the Portland community among other topics. And Phil provided me today with the subject for what I learned today, as he quizzed me on it when I sat in his office.

As I said earlier, I’ve met a lot of people in the last two days, and there’s no doubt I will meet plenty more in the days and weeks to come; the hardest part will just remembering everyone’s name!

Without further adieu…

What I learned today:
The Boston Red Sox were the last major league baseball team to break the color barrier by signing an African American player. That player, Elijah “Pumpsie” Green, joined the team in 1959 — 12 years after Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment of What I Learned Today.


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