What I learned today: 7/1/2013

[Author’s note: In an effort to reboot my blog and get writing again, I have started a daily content piece titled ‘What I learned today’. They say we learn something new every day, right? Well this is where I will discuss the things I’ve learned in my new life and career experiences. Enjoy.]

Quark. Quark. Quark.

Not quack, as in the sounds a duck makes, but Quark as in QuarkXpress, the design program we use at The Commercial Review for page design.

It’s similar to Adobe’s InDesign and Pagemaker, which I have used in the past, but getting familiar with the shortcuts and how to use it will be a challenge over the next few days.

To refrain from posting about Quark over the next week since I’ll be learning the ins and outs as I go, I’ll get it out of the way today.

But the biggest thing I learned today is about where I’m living.

I can walk to work, to the gym (to which I will become a member as soon as I start making some money) or to the post office. The local farmers’ market is essentially in my back yard on the grounds surrounding the Jay County Court House (erected in 1916) and I’m about a half mile from a grocery store.

I love where I live, and my apartment, too. But, given its location, the close proximity to everything I need, there is one thing that bothers me the most. My living room is right along one of the highest traffic roads in town, which makes it difficult to hear when I’m watching TV and a semi truck or an old beat up vehicle drives by.

What I learned today:
I am not sure I will ever live along a busy road again.

Check back tomorrow for my next installment of What I Learned Today.

Postscript: I want to wish a very happy 61st birthday to my mother! Love you, Mom!


2 thoughts on “What I learned today: 7/1/2013

    • Very true, Mother, but I do have to be conscious of when I’m watching … there is a business below me that I can’t annoy with the bass on my surround sound!

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