An open letter to my friends in Dubai

Greetings, Bennigan’s Boulevard friends!

As you patiently await the arrival of the Americans, it is with my deepest sorrow that I regret to inform you I will not be making the trip to the UAE at this time.

It was difficult enough having to leave the first time, but knowing that another team is being sent over there for the new location and I’m not part of it is simply painful.

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching soon, I am needed back in the United States at my home store. I will let you know, however, that I would give anything be over there to see you guys again. It really was the time of my life when I was there, and knowing that my friends Lucas, Yedid, Shane, Jenny and Tito are there without me is upsetting.

I miss you guys.

I wish you nothing but the best in the future for each and every one of you, but also Bennigan’s Boulevard and Bennigan’s Dubai Mall as well.

See you soon, friends.

Until next time …



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