An open letter to my framily

To my trainers, my framily.

Take a look at your link. What does it mean to you? Does it remind you of the cool places we’ve been? Does it remind you that, defying the laws of biology, we really bleed green? Or does it remind you of the people you’ve met earning that link?

For me, it is more the latter than anything else. Every time I look at my link, it’s a reminder of the select few I have had the honor and privilege to not only meet, but had the pleasure to work alongside and travel the world.

It’s funny, actually, because every time someone from my hometown sees my link and wonders what it is, I am absolutely enthralled to explain its meaning. I tell them although we work our ass off, we still know how to have fun. “Work hard, play harder” if you will. Then I explain the game we play around our links, and how good some of us are at tricking others. And then it brings me to you.

Friends, family; framily.

I don’t often take content from Urban Dictionary, but for this instance I finally felt the need.


n. Friends or blood relatives to whom we would actually choose to be related, because the relationship is mutually respectful, close, supporting and affectionate. The favorite people in our lives we would include in our family, whether they are blood-related or not, typically because we love them.

I wish nothing but the best for those of you who have the wonderful opportunity to head back to Dubai tomorrow. It goes without saying I would give anything to be on that flight with you and spend the next three weeks in paradise. But as you are all aware, I have some things back home to tend to.

That said, Godspeed to you tomorrow, and give the best to my brothers and sisters at the Boulevard.

As we always say, “See you soon.”

Until next time …



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