Saddle Brook 2013: The Big Apple

(This is the fourth post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

New York, New York. The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. Whatever you may call it, I call it by one word: awesome.

The training team went to New York both days we had off from training. Out of the 13 of us, maybe 3 had been there before, so for the majority of us it was our first foray with the biggest city in the United States.

New York is the epitome of hustle and bustle. Everything is so fast paced that you hardly have time to stop and look around. However, I wasn’t going to let the craziness allow me from getting to do and see what I wanted to do. Even before we got there, I had an idea of what I wanted to do and I got to do almost everything.

To keep it simple, here is a list of what I got to do or see when I was in New York (pictures to follow):

  • Ride a train
  • Visit Madison Square Garden
  • Eat a “dirty water hotdog”
  • Buy a New York Times from a NY newsstand
  • Jaywalk
  • Visit Times Square
  • Visit Central Park
  • Play the violin in Central Park
  • Take training team photo on Central Park rocks
  • Visit Rockefeller Plaza
  • Visit The Waldorf-Astoria (from Home Alone 2)
  • Eat NY deep dish pizza
  • Eat NY-style pie
  • Ride the subway
  • Miss my stop on the subway
  • Meet people from the Midwest on the subway
  • Watch Kyle beatbox to a full subway car
  • Watch NYC band You Bred Raptors play downstairs in a subway station
  • Roam a random NYC neighborhood
  • Argue with a New Yorker about the Tigers and Yankees (I wore my Detroit hat to the city)
  • Ride the Staten Island Ferry
  • Koosh on Staten Island Ferry
  • See Lady Liberty
  • Visit Chinatown
  • Continue tradition of going to candy store with Tito
  • See Ground Zero and the Freedom Tower










    Going to New York City, more specifically the random excursion on the Staten Island Ferry with Meagan, Tito, Shane and Jenny was the best part of the trip. Very glad to have gotten to experience NYC and I hope to go back soon and take care of a few more things on my list of things to see and do in NYC.

    Until next time …

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