Saddle Brook 2013: Found Nemo

(This is the third post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

We didn’t need to find Nemo. Nemo came to us.

Winter Storm Nemo is hitting the area pretty hard, for those who have been paying attention to what is happening with national weather. We currently only have about 3-5″ but it has been coming down heavier over the last five hours or so. It was a rain/sleet mix this afternoon and the roads weren’t too bad. Now, however, the roads are covered in snow and the temperature is dipping pretty low.

Since I’m the only one with a considerable amount of experience with this weather, I’ve been the driver today and will continue to do so tomorrow. I drove to and from the airport to pick up the four trainers who were able to make it here. Three are coming tomorrow morning and one more on Sunday.

The trainers who are from Texas and Florida made it here already, but those from Wisconsin, Illinois and Midland, Mich. aren’t here. Meagan (Midland, Mich.)had her flight to Chicago canceled this morning, but the two who left from O’Hare made it along with the couple from Tampa. The others had connections in Detroit and those got canceled.

The weather is definitely making us change our plans without everyone here, but we’ll manage.

As for the area, the worst part of the storm is N/NE of us, and we should only be hit by the tail end of it. Some places in Long Island have between 15-20″ of snow. The worst is upon us or beyond us, so it should be better from here on out.


When we got back to the hotel from our short work day and dinner excursion, we had an impromptu snowball fight in the hotel parking lot. It is fun because the two Texans and three Floridians have never gotten to see snow like this. It’s awesome to be a part of their first experience with heavy snow. Needless to say, Team Michigan, Wisconsin & Chicago (me, Tito, Jesse and Eric) beat Team Texas & Florida (Shawn, Kyle, Shane and Jenny) pretty handedly.

Also, it appears like people out here in the New Jersey and New York areas freak out when they get snow like this. Granted, they’ve had some pretty bad storms hit them in the last few years, but snow like this is common over in the Midwest. This is nothing new to me; it makes me feel like I’m at home.

Maybe that’s why they make me drive (but it’s a minivan).

Until next time …


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