Saddle Brook 2013: Back to the shore

(This is the first post in a series detailing my work trip to Saddle Brook, New Jersey.)

Welcome back to my blog!

As the title and intro above suggest, I’m back on the road again for Bennigan’s, this time to Saddle Brook, NJ to open the first location in the area since the company went bankrupt.

And, unlike the previous four openings I’ve been on, this is not the first time I’ve been in the area. My father’s family is from New Jersey and surrounding areas, so I have been here in the past to visit them.

I’m not exactly sure when the last time I was in New Jersey (although I will figure that out tomorrow when I have a little more time).

A few things I’ve noticed so far since I’ve been back in the Garden State:

  • A speed limit of 55 MPH on the expressway is criminal.
  • New Jersey doesn’t believe in street signs, making navigating difficult.
  • Our Dodge Caravan rental car blows.
  • Next time I’m in a new place, bring a damn GPS.
  • Yuengling. On draft. FTW!
  • I now want to watch Garden State.
  • This experience will be a new one for me as my role has changed, which I will explain tomorrow, but I will leave you with this: the restaurant is going to look awesome. The kitchen is huge compared to all the others and the bar is gigantic as well. They will have 32 different beers on tap.


    The above picture is the view of the bar from the front door. It’s going to be a sweet place, and they’re anticipating some very good business when the store opens on Feb. 18. Should be a very fun three weeks.

    That said, keep checking back for updates on my time here on the east coast in Saddle Brook, New Jersey!!

    Until next time …


    2 thoughts on “Saddle Brook 2013: Back to the shore

    1. I live in Saddle Brook and I am very, very excited to have this Bennigan’s open especially since I can practically walk there. 32 beers on tap is very exciting for me – can’t wait for next Monday!

      • Glad to hear you’re excited, Matt. We are as equally excited to be back in the area. The bar will indeed have 32 beers on tap, 16 of them will be craft beers that will be rotating as the season and brewing schedule permits.

        If you haven’t already, look up the Bennigan’s Saddle Brook Facebook page to stay up to date on the beer list as well as the Happy Hour specials when they come available and any other news and information regarding your neighborhood Bennigan’s.

        If you come in, ask for me, Chris, I’m the back of house team leader. I would love to meet you. I will be in the area until Feb. 25.

        See you on the 18th!

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