Dubai 2012: Desert safari

(This is the 12th post in a series detailing my work trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.)

This trip just keeps getting better and better.

Yesterday, the training group (minus Heather, of course, since she had to return back to the States) went on a desert safari through the Sahara Desert near the UAE-Oman border. It was the most fun I’ve had on this trip, hands down.

We had to go to work in the afternoon for a few hours to get things ready to take over to our backup kitchen. I’ll say nothing further about that topic, I’ll leave it for a later post.

Our safari guides met us at our hotel in two Toyota Land Cruisers along with one of the managers of the restaurant here who was nice enough to set up the entire day for us, and paid for it as well. I knew we were in for a fun ride when the first thing I noticed when I got in the vehicle was the roll cage INSIDE the car. We were about to have a blast.

We arrived at a resort-type location where everyone meets before they go on the safari. We weren’t the only ones to go on this trip, there were probably about 30-40 other vehicles too. At this resort I got to hold a falcon and take pictures next to a camel. Some of the members of our group purchased traditional headwear for the trip, myself included. After watching it be put on a few other people I figured out how to put it on, and I think I got it figured out without the help of others. It doesn’t exactly look the same, but hey, it works for me.

After about a half hour we packed ourselves back into the Land Cruisers and set off onto our excursion through the desert. Our driver took us about four or five miles into the desert, climbing sand dunes and treating the terrain, for lack of better words, like his bitch. Some of the dunes were 300-400 feet high, and we even stopped at one point for a little break on top of one of the hills.

At this point, we all got out of the vehicles and took pictures on a rocky cliff overlooking part of the desert. I took pictures of the scenery as well as had some people take photos of me with the desert horizon in the background. The views were simply amazing. It was also somewhat relaxing to be sitting on a desert cliff overlooking a vast, open sand mass sprinkled with bushes every so often. With an overcast sky and the sun poking through every now and again, the views were perfect. One of the drivers even took a group picture for us.

Unfortunately, people had thrown out bottles and trash along the way, but fortunately for me I was able to take an empty water bottle and fill it up with the red desert sand and a few rocks so I can take back to the States with me.

After our little siesta in the middle of the desert, we made our way to a “camp” which was REALLY in the middle of nowhere. At this camp, we were treated to a barbecue buffet and various attractions. I had the opportunity to ride a camel, which was awesome. There was also the option to wear traditional Arabic dress and there was also some dancers as well. It was a nice way to wind down after an extreme roller coaster ride through the desert.

Yesterday was, by far, the best day I have had so far on this trip, and with only six days left I don’t see it getting topped.

Until next time …


One thought on “Dubai 2012: Desert safari

  1. The best part of desert safari i liked is BBQ Dinner with live belly dance show…this experience will make your evening unforgettable

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