Fort Worth 2012: Travel day

(This is the second post in a series detailing my work trip to Fort Worth.)

Have I ever mentioned that I love to travel?

My family never traveled much when I was a child. I had gone to New Jersey and South Carolina a few times, but those were all before I was 14. I have also been out to California once when I was 3. I was too young to remember being there so I treat it as if it never happened.

I am also fascinated with airplanes. I always have been. Every time I drive by an airport I check to see if there are any planes about to takeoff or land, and then I just look at the airplanes at the gates. They are massive vehicles, and they can fly! How awesome is a flying vehicle?!

With those two bits of Chris Schanz trivia, I am taking these opportunities I have been given to travel with absolute open arms and a smile on my face. I mean, I get to travel the country (and soon to be world) on someone else’s dime, I get paid for it, I get to experience new places and meet new people. Who in their right mind wouldn’t relish in these opportunities? It goes without saying, though, that I am extremely grateful for these opportunities and I feel privileged and fortunate there are people who appreciate the work I do and reward me accordingly.

I wrote this post from the plane from Chicago to Fort Worth. My day started by flying out of the brand new, three-day old terminal at MBS International airport. Let me tell you, it is an amazing upgrade from the old facility.

My flight from MBS to O’Hare went without a hitch, as do most flights. I was able to choose my seat for that flight and I chose an exit row seat so I could have a little more leg room. I had the aisle seat and no one was sitting next to me, so I had the whole row to myself. Too bad the flight wasn’t longer so I could have gotten a little bit of sleep. The flight from Saginaw to Chicago is only about 40 minutes, so there isn’t time to do much of anything.

I’m pinned to the window on my flight from Chicago to Fort Worth, but I’m fortunate enough to be sharing a row with two very pleasant people. Could be worse, I guess.

[update; 3:00 a.m.]

Same thing I said about every training team I have even a part of, this training team is going to rock. We had our orientation where we got to meet everyone, then we went out to this Texas BBQ place do our trainer dinner, and then (per usual) we hit the bar. These next six days are going to be awesome because the group of people we have here are amazing. I’m excited to get things together with the restaurant and get everything going.

Also, I had one of the scariest moments of my life tonight. No further details will be given. Just know, I REALLY hate when people who are too drunk to drive think they’re fine and get behind the wheel. Glad to know I’m safe and sound back at the hotel. Whew!

Until next time…

[Keep checking back for updates on my time in Fort Worth. I will attempt to post every day.]


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