A November to remember

(This is the first post in a series detailing my work trip to Fort Worth.)

Welcome back to my blog!

I apologize for my lack of writing in July when I was in Plano. I just got caught up with work, hanging out with the training team and attempting to get as much sleep as possible (because if you remember my posts from Houston, we stayed up way too late and hardly got any sleep).

That said, I’m on the road again for Bennigan’s. I am headed back to Texas (Fort Worth) today for a store that will be opening on Nov. 12. For the previous openings, I was there the week before the grand opening and for “coaching week,” which is the first full week of operation. My trip lasted 18 days for both Houston and Plano. This time around, however, I will only be here for a week, until Nov. 8. I will be missing the crucial role play days, where members of the community are welcomed into the store to eat for free so the employees can practice before opening day. I’m a little bummed I will be missing those two days, but at the same time grateful because they are the two most stressful days of an opening.

Although I hate that I will be leaving my trainees high and dry, I am confident that the trainers who will be sticking around will bang out the rest of the opening flawlessly.

Speaking of the trainers, out of the 12 trainers who will be there, I know four of them from previous openings. I would have known five, but one had to back our due to an injury to his back. The returning trainers are Ashlie (Lake Worth, Texas; Houston/Plano), Lucas (Tampa; Houston/Plano), Yedid (Tampa; Houston/Plano) and CeCe (Chicago; Houston). Also, one of the trainers I worked with in Plano will be the Kitchen Manager at the new Fort Worth store. Pretty stoked he was able to move up. It’s always a pleasure getting to work with people from previous openings, but at the same time it is nice to get to meet new people from across the country who bleed green and share the same commitment to Bennigan’s. I am excited to meet a fellow LaBelle Management employee from Midland who will be training the bartenders. Always glad to have a fellow Michigander in the group.

Taking a step back, you may be asking yourself why I will only be in Fort Worth for a short stay compared with the other openings. I’m glad you asked, actually, because this is a great opportunity for me to break the news to all that I will be traveling to Dubai on Nov. 12 to for my first international Bennigan’s opening.

Yes, you read that correctly. Dubai. Ya know, the rich city in the United Arab Emirates. The one with the Palm Jumiera (man-made islands in the shape of a palm tree) or the man-made islands in the shape of the continents of the world. Dubai, the Middle Eastern city that is American-friendly and the most Westernized area in the region. Yes, that is where I will be for three weeks. Pretty cool, huh?

But I digress. First order of business is Fort Worth. Just got to kill this opening then I can start worrying about Dubai. The month of November will be one to remember for the rest of my life, that’s for sure.

Until next time…

[Keep checking back for updates on my time in Fort Worth. I will attempt to post every day.]


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