Houston 2012: Day fifteen

(this is the ninth post in a series detailing my work trip to Houston.)

The end is near.

I only have two more days left in Texas before I return to Michigan and I am just about now starting to feel homesick. Mainly, I just miss my bed. The last two weeks sleeping in a hotel have definitely taken it’s toll to the effect that I’m ready for my own bed again.

I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have legitimately been homesick. Even when I went to Michigan Tech and was eight hours away from my friends and family, I still managed to make it without missing home too much. But I’m 1,000 miles away without a vehicle, so it has definitely made me a little homesick in the fact that I can’t go home whenever I want to.

But, I understand these feelings are what comes with being so far away from home. I also know that I will experience this again whenever the time comes that I permanently move out of Saginaw or Michigan. The thing that makes this different is the fact I know I am only THREE DAYS away from being home, and I am extremely anxious.

Today the restaurant was actually busy. We were even on a wait for a little bit, and — wait for it — I actually had to cook today! It was good to polish off the rust and start slinging food again, since that was what got me to Houston in the first place. Part of me felt that I’d get back to Saginaw and forget how to cook but I got all the kinks out tonight. I’m excited to get back home to my restaurant and start cooking again.

We were at the store from 10 a.m. to midnight today (Friday) and we’re gonna do it again tomorrow. I just realized too, that when this trip is all said and done I will have worked 160 hours in just 16 days. Damn, that’s a lot.

Just as it was hard when the training team left on Tuesday, it’s gonna be hard to leave the employees at this Houston store because I have become accustomed to them and gotten to know them, and we will most likely never see each other again.

All I can say, I guess, is that our paths will cross again soon, it’s just a matter of time.

But for now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Only a few more days.

Keep checking back for updates throughout my travels and experiences while I’m down in Texas. I’m going to try and post every day.

Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Houston 2012: Day fifteen

  1. Chris-

    Are you ever returning home?? Seems like a century since we last witnessed you burnin’ some steaks at the B House.

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