My grown up trip: Day one

I’ve had such a stressful week.

Tuesday, as I returned to Saginaw to pick up my suits (a process which will be its own post later), and after I got my suits the brakes went out in my car. Long story short, brake lines were replaced as well as the brake cylinders in the rear wheels totaling $400 I didn’t expect to spend.

Due to my vehicle problems, my spring break actually began on Monday, but I had been stuck in Saginaw for three days, but with a drivable vehicle (knock on wood) I write this from a hotel in Akron, Ohio.

I’m in Akron to interview for summer internships with the Akron Aeros, a Double-A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. The interview session is Saturday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. and it’s structured to where I can meet with as few or as many of the departments as I wish. The Aeros aren’t hiring people for any actual writing, but frankly right now any internship is still an internship; it’s a foot in the door. I’ll do anything and work my way from there.

The Aeros are holding two interview sessions, tomorrow as well as March 12, and there are 26 available internships. I am not sure how many people are attending the March 12 session, but besides me there are 11 people who will be at the session tomorrow. So, I’m going into this interview tomorrow with some high hopes… I have more of a chance than I thought I did when I initially applied.

I made the trip down to Akron by myself, which by was very peaceful. It was nice to get out of Mount Pleasant/Saginaw and experience a different city. My first stop on the way down was to visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland.

I’m not saying the R&RHoF was not interesting, but I think I expected more out of it. The lower level, though, is where it’s at! There are so many cool artifacts, such as one of Elvis Presley’s cars, outfits worn by Aerosmith, U2, Michael Jackson and The Who. There was original artwork by Jimi Hendrix, handwritten lyrics by AC/DC, Neil Young, Jimi, and an original contract between Sub-Pop Records and Soundgarden. I expected there to be more to the museum, more artifacts and visual history, so in that regard I felt let down, but it was definitely a cool experience nonetheless.

After I left the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I went back west from Cleveland to stop at a park and marina on Lake Erie. I took my camera with me on my way out by a pier and took some photos of the Cleveland skyline from a few miles away and a few of a pier. The walkway to the pier itself was closed, so I maneuvered the rocks along the shore (slipping once, almost falling and hitting my shin pretty good!) and took some pictures of the graffiti under the pier. I’ve noticed I have become almost attached to finding graffiti under bridges and walkways and photographing them. Maybe I’ve found my niche to explore and expand my photography?

Continuing to battle the cold, wind and rainy weather conditions, I climbed my way down the breakwall to frozen Lake Erie, and then dipped my hand in the ice cold water. Given the fact the weather was by far sub-par at best, it was again peaceful, relaxing and soothing to stand and gaze out onto Lake Erie.

I can now say I have graced the waters of four of the five Great Lakes. Huron, Michigan, Superior and Erie, in that order. Next order of business, Lake Ontario. Someday…

Saturday, however, is the big day; the real reason I made the trip in the first place. Tomorrow is my first professional internship interview. I am not at all nervous, scared or intimidated. I’m actually excited more than anything. Even though I lack the experience for some of the positions the Aeros are hiring interns, I feel — and those friends I have talked with agree — I have quite a bit going for me in other departments: I drove over five hours to interview, I’m willing to relocate to the area if offered an (unpaid) internship and I’m essentially taking a shot in the dark based on my (lack of) experience with an “I’ll do anything right now to get my foot in the door” mentality.

The positions available are not necessarily what I want to do with my life, but I see them as an opportunity to learn other aspects of a professional sport organization, and if it turns out to be something I enjoy doing, then great. Otherwise, I will have gained experience and networks to further my employability in the future. And, if I’m offered an internship, I can stress my writing and journalism background in hopes of getting a recommendation if a writing gig does open up somewhere.

Oh, and to cap off this weekend, I’m going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio after my interview with the Aeros.

All in all, I’m hopeful, excited, and most of all optimistic about this opportunity I have.

My own personal motto: “EXPECT BIG THINGS


To be cliche for a minute: carpe diem!


One thought on “My grown up trip: Day one

  1. I refuse to acknowledge any entity claiming to be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame that lets in ABBA, but repeatedly denies KISS a seat at the table.

    Give ’em hell today. You’ll do great.

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