An update of sorts…

Well, it’s official: I’ve finally written my first sports recap story for the CMU athletic department — and it has been published too.

Last weekend, Nov. 4-6, CMU hosted the Mid-American Conference field hockey tournament, and because there was a plethora of other athletic events going on that weekend (volleyball had two home matches and it was also Central/Western weekend) I was asked to cover all five games of the tournament. I was all for it, any time I have a chances to cover sports, I’ll do it!

Since all post-season collegiate events are not free, even for the students of the host school, I got this sweet gem pictured below to allow me to get in free to all five matches and even go wherever I wanted on the complex.


Being the responsible one I am, I just positioned myself in the press box. At first I didn’t know anything about the sport of field hockey, but with the assistance of a few referees who camped out in the press box too I learned the basics of the sport throughout the five games I watched and covered. As the championship game rolled around Saturday, it was actually exciting to watch because I finally had a grasp of how the game is played.

What struck me as interesting at first was the amount of international players who made up a good amount of the players in the tournament, mainly those from Australia and New Zealand. I wast not at all surprised at the number of players from the East Coast because field hockey is huge there.

It’s even interesting how those international players are recruited. I asked one of the referees who was in the press box with me how the process works, and apparently there is a huge field hockey “convention” where international players go to hone their skills in hopes of being offered a scholarship in America. Pretty cool, by my standards.

Anyway, the stories I wrote covering the tournament were simply short recaps of each game, and I wasn’t required to get any quotes so it was actually pretty easy. But at least they’re published on the CMU Athletics website with my name as the byline.

The links to each story are below:

Story One
Story Two
Story Three
Story Four
Story Five

I’ve also been helping cover the volleyball games too, but my duty is helping to call the game so the stats are right for the box scores. It’s behind the scenes and without a byline, but it’s still pretty fun. The guys I work with are cool, and it’s some experience so I know how to call volleyball games should I decide down the road to go the sports information route.

In addition to the field hockey I’ve covered and assisting with volleyball, I will be helping out this winter with gymnastics and indoor track & field. Mike Boseak, the assistant sports information director and the guy I report to, told me I basically wrote my ticket to be able to cover those two sports because of how well I did covering the field hockey tournament.

Hey, as I said, the more writing the better, as long as I can build up my portfolio to help get internships and a job after graduation (which is just under seven months away!!!!!).

In the meantime, I applied for a seasonal cashier position at the local Target because I’m in need of some money (aren’t we all) and although I had an interview Wednesday, which I think went really well, I have not yet heard back from them. Hopefully I will soon. I’ll keep you all updated on that whole process.

As a parting gift, here’s continuing with the theme of leaving my readers with a quote.

“Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.”  -Ernest Hemingway

Until next time…


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