A step into the present

Oh, how amazing technology is.

A month or so ago, I purchased my first smartphone. At one point I had a Motorola Q for a brief time which was given to me by my brother, but I didn’t have a data plan so it was just a device for calling and texting.

My recent venture into the smartphone universe came by way of the HTC Droid Incredible through Verizon. Simply put in just four words: best electronic purchase ever.

I love this thing. Everything I need out of technology to stay connected is now at my fingertips. I don’t need to worry about finding a computer to read and write email (both personal and my CMU email), post to Twitter and Facebook, browse the Internet to get an answer to a question of the moment I may have, or even update this here blog (yes, I’m writing this from my phone as I lay in bed at 2:30 a.m.).

With this WordPress application I just recently discovered — which is free for those fellow WP loggers with a Droid — I just might utilize to blog more regularly. I will no longer have to sit at a computer to blog because I can write as I lay in bed before I go to sleep. Such an easy way for me to update more frequently, even if it may be short and sweet.

All that said, tomorrow I will explain the writing opportunities I have had recently for CMU athletics, and what I will be doing for them later this fall and during the winter. I hope you’ll check back for that piece, or you’ll just get the shameless plug from my Facebook and Twitter.

Again, please comment with your thoughts, as I welcome anything you may have to say and would like to hear what you think. And also, tell your friends to read my words too, I greatly appreciate it!!

“Technology does not drive change — it enables it.” -Unknown

Until next time…


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