One chapter ends, another begins

My posting has become dormant, and for that I apologize.

Two months ago today was my last post, and during the last two months, I’ve been busy doing a wide array of things. Some of which you know about, others you don’t. This is what I’ve been up to:

I had a girlfriend who took up a lot of my time, but it was well worth it. We’re not together anymore, but read on to see what else I’ve been up to.

Self-explanatory. I’m trying to get done with school as quickly as possible (I’m ready to be done!) and getting in the swing of things has been very time consuming. I have a class that is only eight weeks in length (my final is one week from today) and it has been a tremendous amount of work.

For the last 18 months I have been a cook at Applebee’s in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., but as of Feb. 20, I no longer have a job. I had to let the job go in order to pursue other (unpaid) endeavors. They will be explained later.

Your Brain on Tech
(Click the link to check out the site!)
Some good friends of mine started an Internet video podcast the beginning of the school year. In addition to creating the videos for the Web site, there is also a blog to provide supplemental information regarding the shows, or to just report/review/comment on other things happening within the field of technology. Given my journalism background, they have signed me up to be the blog manager. Everything written you see on the site does not get posted without my approval. I have a few other staff members who edit for content, but structurally and grammatically, I have the final say. It’s quite the honor, and the project is making tremendous strides to getting financial compensation for our (seemingly zero-budget) work.

Central Michigan University Baseball Team
By reaching out and getting in touch with the Jeff Opalewski, the pitching coach of the CMU baseball team, I have landed a gig working for the CMU Sports Information Department (SID). Those of you who know me are aware baseball is my passion, and I like writing, therefore combining the two is a dream job of mine. Mike Boseak, my SID contact, has told me he is going to rely on me heavily to write the baseball stories for the CMU athletics Web site.

From what I’ve heard, there is a guy who used to do what I’m going to be doing and currently works for the Minnesota Twins, so if this (unpaid) gig is a stepping stone to working for an Major League Baseball franchise, I’m all for it! I do, however, get class credit for volunteering with the SID — and I need this credit to graduate — so this exceptional opportunity I have does have an immediate impact on my academics in addition to kick-starting my sports writing career. The Chippewas kick off their season tomorrow, Feb. 26 in Bakersfield, Calif., so expect to see my articles soon. (Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to alert the masses when my stories are published!)

Central Michigan Life
As some of you may know, last semester I had a weekly column in CMU’s student newspaper, CM Life. My last column was on Oct. 15, 2009, and I have not had anything published since, and there is good reason. My classwork picked up shortly after that time and, as was the reason for my recent blog hiatus, I just didn’t have the time to write. Not only was I lacking the time to write, I was lacking topics. The hardest part about being an opinion columnist, I’ve found, was generating topics to write about. I had a fairly easy time to begin the school year, but haven’t had much luck in recent months. Do I hope to start having a column again? Yes, but I won’t be upset if I have nothing to publish. I did, however, get in contact with the sports editor to talk about writing a column every-so-often about the baseball team since I will be following them closely. I won’t be reporting on them FOR the paper, but I’ll still be writing about them. I’m looking forward to this chance.

Closing Thoughts
My spring break begins Friday, March 5, and the following day I am flying down to West Palm Beach, Fla. to visit my brother Ben (the man behind Slightly Left of Center) and to give myself a little vacation, and you can bet I’ll be writing about the experience. I’ve been down to visit him a few times in the past, but I’m looking forward to this vacation more than any other. I enjoy flying (except when I get stuck in airports, circa 1998 & 2007), and I’m ready for a pleasant change of scenery. We may even catch a spring training game while I’m down there!

There you have it. As one chapter ends (quitting my job with no other job in place), another begins (covering the CMU baseball team for the university, essentially beginning my career). Since I now have a little more time and few ways to spend said time wisely, expect some more writing and posts out of me; especially when I officially start covering the CMU baseball team!


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