Writer’s block of all sorts

One day I want to write a novel or two. Even a few short stories will suffice, as long as I get them published somewhere. The topics, however, are yet to be determined.

I just hope I don’t get writer’s block.

Up until this point, I have not really had a problem conjuring up ideas for my column in CM Life. Writing about topics other than sports, on the other hand, has been the challenge.

Friends have thrown ideas at me to write about, but for our columns we are given 500 words. Generally the ideas given to me are certain rants for the day and cannot be elaborated into my allotted word count.

The topics I’ve written about thus far have been strong feelings I have encountered on topics I’ve come across, but the last week or so not so much has happened to warrant a good column.

Yesterday while sitting in the newsroom I was scouring past issues of CM Life to see if anything tipped me off on a column idea. Nothing.

Then, I tried browsing news sites for stories that intrigued me enough to write about. Nothing.

Writer’s block, for my 5th column? No way.

Then, when I got the idea to browse the Associated Press website, I came across the package and press release they sent out about their coverage of the death of a US Marine in Afghanistan, and it reminded me of a discussion I had in a class last week when Randy Lovely, former CM Life editor, CMU graduate, and current editor of the Arizona Republic, came to visit campus.

The ideas, thoughts and emotions started flowing and, about an hour later a column was produced.

You can read it in the previous post, or click the link here.

Thankfully my editor, Will Axford (@axfor1we), understood my acute case of writer’s block and was somewhat sympathetic and wasn’t hounding me to get a column done.

When the time comes and I am hard-pressed to get a column done, let’s just hope this “ailment” doesn’t arise again.

Keep your fingers crossed!


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