A response to “Working class student”

On Wed. Sept. 9, a CMU student, Stephanie Jaczkowski, took offense to my column the week before, and sent in a letter to the editor.

Prior to her writing her letter, my father even mentioned that my column (the post preceeding this one) will most likely be “alienating a large portion of the students.”

Apparently he was right.

Isn’t a goal of a columnist is to provide commentary on controversial issues, stir up conversation or present subjects in a manner that hasn’t been done before?

I feel this particular column does just that.

You can read the letter Ms. Jaczkowski wrote by following this link.

“A response to ‘Working class student.'”

CM Life columnists and reporters such as myself are not allowed to comment on our articles on CM Life’s website, so I will not express my response to what Ms. Jaczkowski had to say.

What I WILL say though, is I agree with the two individuals who commented on her article.


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