The evolution of my writing: Part four – Columnist

Those who have followed my former blog, Evidence of a Chemical Reaction, and as the subject of this post screams, this is the fourth installment in the evolution of my writing career.

The first step, was actually being accepted into Central Michigan’s journalism school, which was never actually written about.

The second installment described the frustrations of coming short in writing my first article as a reporter for Central Michigan Life, CMU’s student-run newspaper.

The third installment was brief, but detailed what I was feeling when I finally got published along with a link to the article.

So here you find me in the fourth installment — columnist. I am officially a columnist for CM Life. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the position I find myself in right now.

Many of you who will see this have previously read my columns, however for those of you who haven’t, I will be posting them here within the next few days. The posts will begin with my first published column, and then the most recent column will be published last, so you will have to back-track to get to my first column. I will be sure to include in the headline of each post the date in which each column was posted to make it easier to follow.

Since my column is in the Voices section of the newspaper, I have been forcing myself to write about subjects other than sports, and I have been successful thus far. I hope to keep up with this trend, and possibly even write a few sports columns too.

As for now, you should all be pleased to know that I am a CM Life columnist, and I noticed just the other day I have found myself walking around campus with my head held higher than before, itching for someone to recognize me based on the picture of me that accompanies my column.

Keep a look out in the next few days for those posts, and as always, spread the word!

Until next time…


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