Blog Wars: Cleansing your palate… in an unconventional way

[read the battles of the other contenders: Nick, Christi, and Ben]

Many times, expensive meals include a small amount of sorbet to cleanse one’s palate between courses of meals. However, when going for the cheap route, i.e. raiding the refrigerator or pantry to concoct something to satisfy hunger, throwing things together that taste good by themselves may compromise the flavor as a whole when put with one another

Let me elaborate.

I love bagels. Plain with plain (or blueberry) cream cheese. Blueberry with plain cream cheese, or none at all. Hot ham or turkey sandwiches on bagels.

I also enjoy tunafish sandwiches (with Miracle Whip of course, I don’t like mayo), either on bread, or, you guessed it, toasted bagels.

One day when raiding my pantry (gotta love being a college kid), I was out of lunchmeat and didn’t have anything to actually cook for lunch. What did I find when I opened the cupboard door? A can of tuna. The next cupboard over, when looking for bread for said sandwich, what was there? Plain and blueberry bagels. Everything’s kosher, right? Wrong.

The plain bagels (I had four of them left), were moldy so I had to throw them out. What’s left? Blueberry bagels.

No big deal.

I was wrong.

So, I toasted said bagel, prepared the tunafish, and put it together in a sandwich with a slice of cheese. Bad idea.

With every bite I got the great taste of the blueberry bagel, then the tuna hit me.


Moving on. I love cheese. Swiss, provolone, cheddar, american, mozzarella, monterrey jack, shredded cheddar jack and others.

Cheez-It’s are probably one of the best snack foods out there. They’re cheap and delicious. One day while at the grocery store, I accidentally grabbed a box of Cheddar Jack Cheez-Its. I was a little upset at first, but then I realized, I enjoy both cheddar jack cheese and Cheez-It’s, so there shouldn’t be a problem right? Wrong.

They’re terrible. I ate maybe half of the box over the course of three or four days then had to throw them away. I want my $3 back.

Note to self, to satisfy hunger, don’t experiment with foods unless you know for sure they work well together.

(post edit: I didn’t realize until after I wrote this I was unable to meet the length requirement for our Blog Wars. This was written in a hurry and I will make up for it on the next one.)


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