Blog Wars: Where do you keep your s**t?

my daily carry-alongs

my daily carry-alongs

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At the time of this writing I have not yet read Nick’s blog war post, but I have glanced over it and I have chosen to copy his idea of including a picture of my daily carry-alongs.

Nowadays, nostalgia is not an uncommon feeling. People just can’t seem to let go of things: material objects, sentimental keepsakes, childhood trophies, etc. Moreover, some of these nostalgic items have invaded our everyday lives. Also, habit forming vices have done the same.

Let’s take a look at the above picture consisting of the items I carry on a daily basis:

  • wallet
  • cellphone
  • iPod touch
  • keys
  • spare keys
  • lip balm
  • gum

Let me break down each item.

Wallet in my only-cargo-pants days, I used to keep this item in my right cargo pocket. This is because I hated to sit on it as it made (mostly) uncomfortable seats just that much more of a nuisance to sit on. Now, as I have vastly decreased the number of cargo pants in my wardrobe, I have become accustomed to sitting on my wallet thus moved it to my right back pocket.

Cellphone since I do not wear a watch, my cellphone serves a dual purpose. The first purpose is obvious, the second use taking the place of my timepiece. No matter what type of pants/shorts I am wearing, my cellphone is in my left front pocket, unless I am at work where it migrates to my left back pocket.

iPod touch I recently purchased said item, and I cannot seem to get it off of my person. It’s my computer in more mobile form. Sometimes I wonder if I ever need my laptop anymore (which I do). When I carry aforementioned device, it takes up the left rear pocket or jacket pocket.

Keys need no explanation for their use and necessity. The carabiner clips nicely in my right front pocket.

Spare keys I have (previously) had a knack for locking my keys in my car, and to combat such carelessness, I carry my spare keys in my left rear pocket just in case I do lock the main set of keys in my vehicle.

Lip balm during the winter months and my inability to breathe through my nose, my lips become Sahara Desert arid, sans the sand. Therefore, Carmex lip balm shares space with my phone in my left front pocket.

Gum chewing gum is something I always do, strangely even when drinking (beer & liquor). Gum allows me to drink less liquids (most importantly soda) because I always find myself needing some sort of liquid, and this allows me to lower my intake of soda. Stored along with keys in right front pocket.

That encompasses the things I carry in my everyday endeavors.

However, when times call for more things to be hauled from one place to another, and because I am still a college student, backpacks are the necessity. The objects carried along in said backpack varies depending on which class or classes I am going to, and it includes, but is certainly not limited to: textbooks; magazines (mainly Sports Illustrated or Alternative Press); writing utensils; the necessary notebooks, binders, and loose-leaf paper; and maybe some other random crap. For the storage of your daily necessities, a backpack would be far too much to handle, so for sake of arguement backpacks are out of the question from here on out.

I am not one to wear sport coats or blazers, therefore the number of pockets I have is usually limited to the four on a pair of jeans or slacks. In the winter months, a jacket does increase the amount of pockets available, but on any given day I have at least four. When Springtime rolls around the number of pockets at my disposal will be limited to four and only four, at all times – unless I am wearing gym shorts, then the only things I carry are my phone, keys, and wallet.

In that regard, women take the cake with the way they are able to store their s**t. A purse is both accepted AND trendy. Easily, women are able to keep everything they need (and more times than not everything they don’t need, such as drinking ware to be taken from bars) right in one central location. The tough part is digging through the son-of-a-_____ when they need to find some specific item. Men, we have to do a quick pat-down of our pockets to get an idea where an item we are looking for might be, but women, ohhh women, they have to go fishing. From a male’s perspective, this is one of two disadvantages to having a purse. The second – the price. Purses can get extremely costly or relatively inexpensive. Essentially it is all about picking your poison.

On the topic of price of storage “units,” the tag on a pair of pants (men’s preferred way of storage) varies as much as that of purses; but it is highly unlikely a man will pay $600+ on a pair of pants as a woman would on a purse.

My new dilemma; reduce the amount of crap I carry on me. Or, get a personal assistant. Better yet, a murse? (man-purse?)


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