The evolution of my writing


I am taking a different approach with this post. Instead of a news-like or opinion story, I am going to update you, as the title suggests, into the evolution of my writing.

I have recently applied for a position at CM Life, Central Michigan University’s newspaper. I am hoping to land a job as a reporter and maybe even end up as an editor sometime in the future, as I still have some time left here at CMU.

If I am offered a position, I will continue to blog on the same topics I do now, but I will also post links here to the articles I have written on CM Life’s website.

To those of you who read this, I do ask a few favors of you:

    • Comment. Whether you have a little blurb to say, a single paragraph or an extensive essay, please do comment. Comments in favor of the views seen here or those in disagreement, don’t be afraid to speak your mind; as I am not afraid to do so either (I cut ties with my hometown professional football team, for Pete’s sake! Of course I’ll say what comes into my head, albeit in good taste, of course). I welcome all comments. If you have the opportunity to see me in person, I encourage you to refrain from telling me verbally a comment you have on a post of mine. Please comment on the respective post, so those readers who don’t get to see me are able to see what you have to say in response to my post(s).
    • Spread the word. Hopefully you will like and enjoy what you read here. My words may be thought provoking or just for entertainment purposes, everyone reacts differently to news and writing, but please tell your friends and family about this blog. The more readers I get the better. I am in the early stages of my writing career and I want to get my name out there in the blogosphere.
    • Read Ben’s blog. Slightly Left of Center. Ben is my oldest brother. He is the better chess player (which I taught him how to play and haven’t beaten him in over 10 years), the better softball player (from which I gain a plethora of knowledge and skills), and he is a far superior writer than me, although he may think otherwise. His blog takes a very different approach than mine. His is more of a place for people to get to know him. He tells stories, such as the death of his goldfish, ironically named Bacon, and how one of his passions, bicycling, has in essence become a form of therapy. Just wait, someday a masterpiece will emerge from his blog, and if you become a reader of his, you will be thankful you can say you’ve been a follower from the start. I know I will.

      The only two readers I know I have for sure on a regular basis are my brother Ben and my father. I appreciate them, and will appreciate you, for following me throughout the evolution of my writing.

      To the new readers: welcome, and enjoy the ride!



      4 thoughts on “The evolution of my writing

      1. I’m a regular reader too …but you know I don’t know enough about sports to comment!!

        I do enjoy your writing though. Gives me a chance to get to know the side of you that isn’t my baby!!

        Love, Mom

      2. now brother!!! the job and goal of a teacher is to see that his students become better at the craft than they are. so.. with that said, you should be proud of the fact that i whoop you in chess. i bet though, that if we played today, you would get me. as for softball. you can’t argue with raw talent. (joke) that, you also have. for guys like us, we have to work very hard for our athletic achievements. keep it going.

        as much as you say you not as good as i am writing, i will, as you have foretold, disagree. i have become rusty. i have lost the desire in most cases to write what i feel. that is something you must grab on to and hold with all your might. i let it get away from me and that is why you brother, hold the torch there. with your passion and drive, you can make this work with 5 readers or 5000.

        keep up the good work.

      3. Mom, I was unaware you read my words. I guess spelling everything in the house out on Post-It notes way back when actually helped, as I’m putting words to good use. Also, I’ve been trying to write about things other than sports, but that has, and most likely always will be, my main topic of interest.

        Ben, I do not think I would be able to beat you in chess if we were to play today. I have not played since I was at MTU, and I just can’t seem to find anyone to play and get my game back. It’s sad to think that there is about a 95 percent chance I will not be playing the corner this year, as I will be in Mt. Pleasant. I think, though, I will do what I can to see if there are any leagues up here and if I can somehow get myself on a team. I’ll miss the game too much if I don’t get to play. Lastly, as of now I will take it to my grave that you have your way with words better than I can. I don’t write much anymore unless it has to do with class. I mean, all of the things I write now are news-style stories, not so much fiction or anything of that nature. In that sense, you are the better writer, but when it comes to news and feature writing, I’ll take the cake.

        Continue reading, continue writing. Never let go your ability to say things with words go to waste.

      4. It’s always best to write about things you love … even sports!! I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want you to feel “stifled” knowing your mom would be reading. You are your own man now.

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