College Football: A boring ending to an exciting season.

Who’s to say this college football season wasn’t exciting? Just take a look at what happened:

Rich Rodriguez replaces Lloyd Carr at the University of Michigan, leads his team to a 3-9 season, including a loss to a Toledo team that ended the season with the same record.

USC loses to an inferior Oregon State team, same goes with Florida losing to Ole Miss.

Iowa ended Penn State’s BCS Championship bid on a last-second field goal.

Highly-recruited high school phenom Terelle Pryor replaces Todd Boeckman at the helm of The Ohio State University’s offense, rebounding nicely after losing to USC in September only to fail at getting the job done against Penn State a month later and again against Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. Also, Ohio State’s Chris “Beanie” Wells gets injured in the first game of the season against Youngstown State, costing him any hopes for the Heisman Trophy (which Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford would beat out last year’s winner, Florida’s Tim Tebow).

Ball State’s hopes a perfect season and becoming a BCS-buster (a team in a conference without an automatic BCS bid making it to a BCS game) are shattered by losing to an underrated Buffalo team in the MAC Championship and then get stomped by Tulsa in their GMAC Bowl appearance.

Notre Dame ending the season with a 6-6 record then blowing out Hawai’i 49-21 during the Hawai’i Bowl, essentially a home game for the Warriors which also ended ND’s nine game bowl losing streak.

Lest we not forget the horrendous three-way tie atop the Big 12 South between Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech.

I know I’ve left out many others, but those are what stand out the most.

Let’s move on to the BCS Championship Game from last night between the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners and the #2 ranked Florida Gators.

As the #2 team in the country, Florida came into the game as the favorites. Florida had the quicker defense, with five of its defensive starters posting sub-4.4 second 40-yd dash times. On the other hand, Oklahoma had the more potent offense, scoring over 60 points in each of its previous five games, and surpassing the 50-point plateau in nine of its 14 games.

Although both teams were strong on both sides of the ball, the overall prediction was that this game was going to be a high-scoring affair with at least 70 total points being scored. I expected the same. I enjoy seeing high-scoring shootouts that result in defensive struggles. The actual result; 38 total points.

Overall, the game had some exciting moments, but they seemed to be few and far between. I wanted to see Oklahoma, the underdog that everyone said couldn’t match up with the Gator defense, come through with the “upset,” but that didn’t happened.

Now here we are the day after the BCS National Championship. The Florida Gators are the Coaches’ Poll and Associated Press national champions, yet we sit here with three other teams who could be considered for the same title: USC (a 12-1 team who destroyed Penn State in the Rose Bowl), Texas (a 12-1 team that beat Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl, also a team who some think should have been in the Big 12 Championship and BCS Championship instead of Oklahoma), and Utah (the only undefeated team in Division 1A this season).

President-elect Barack Obama, please help institute a playoff. There is too much confusion and bickering as to who should be #1 and who shouldn’t be.

Congratulations Urban Meyer and your University of Florida Gators on your second national championship in three years.

Thank you college football for such an exciting season, but the finale didn’t quite live up to the hype.

But, there’s always next year…


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